Why Powdercoating?

  • Powdercoating doesn’t chip and flake like conventional paint so it’s ideal for all sorts of applications e.g. machinery, furniture etc.
  • It’s cheaper and safer because there are no liquid paints, solvents and fumes.
  • There’s less risk of damage to your goods because powdercoating is a one stage treatment – which means no multiple handling.
  • It is faster completion and more cost effective because there is no drying and layering.
  • Fast turnaround – being a small and flexible business means you won’t be delayed because of a strict schedule – we can fit you in!
  • Wide range of colours – there are an average of 120 colours in stock, and if you have a particular need, we’ll track down those hard-to-get shades.
  • No job to small – you can rest assured you’re just as important to us.
  • Immersion pre-treatment – which conforms to Australian standards for the best finish for aluminium available on the market today.
  • Sandblasting can be organised – you don’t need to do the extra running around, we’ll look after it all for you.

The Powdercoating Process

ESP Powdercoating Division

  • 14 Jijaws Street, Sumner Park 4074, Brisbane
  • Ph. 07 32794788
  • powdercoat@espfencing.com.au

Care Instructions For Your Powdercoating

  • Your powdercoating needs to be given a regular wash to keep it looking good.
  • The effects of exposure to ultra violet light, atmospheric pollution, general dirt, grime and airborne salt deposits can accumulate over time and should be removed at regular intervals.
  • As a general rule, cleaning should take place every six months.
  • In areas where pollutants are more prevalent, such as beach front houses and industrial areas, cleaning process should be carried out more frequently, paying particular attention to areas that are not normally washed by rain.

Steps To Cleaning Your Powder Coating Surface

  • Remove any loose deposits with a wet sponge rather than risk micro scratching the surface by dry dusting.
  • Using a soft brush and mild detergent in warm water, clean the powder coating to remove any dust, salt or other deposits.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water to remove any remaining detergent etc.


  • The use of harsh solvents may damage the powder coatings integrity.
  • Powdercoat companies recommend either Mineral Turpentine or Methylated Spirits to assist with stubborn stains.